Is that this website safe to download?

  • A: Yes this site is totally safe to download from. All torrent files are carefully checked and ensured to become working.

Should there be no infections, then why did my antivirus get a trojan viruses?

  • A: Anti-infections are very well-noted for discovering cracks and have a tendency to delete them instantly. The cracks are why is these games work and enables you to definitely play free of charge without acquiring the game. Simply because your antivirus picks something as a “threat” it doesn’t really mean anything and it is always an incorrect positive.

I attempted clicking “Download Torrent” but nothing opened up up?

  • A: If nothing happens once you clicked the “Download Torrent” button, make certain uTorrent is opened up, use another internet browser and/or reinstall another torrent client. You are able to download uTorrent.

My files are corrupted and/or missing once i downloaded the sport?

  • A: Everytime a person finishes installing a game title. Right click the game torrent and click on “Force Re-Check”. This can scan the torrent and download any parts you’re missing. In the event that didn’t help, 100% of times your antivirus deleted the files of this particular game. Make sure to disable your antivirus and/or Windows defender and re-download the torrent.

What is the limit on the number of games we are able to request? Would you read all of them?

  • A: Yes, I just read all of the demands around the demands page. You are able to request as numerous games as you’d like, but don’t junk e-mail otherwise you’ll be banned from commenting on the website.

Why was I banned from commenting on Zellogames.com?

  • A: There’s simply no self-advertising permitted on this website. You had been probably linking with other sites or self promoting. This isn’t permitted.

I’m getting problems running my game. How do you achieve you?

  • A: To repair common problems, browse the trobleshoot and fix section. Make certain your antivirus is off, all motorists are updated, and try to right click and pressure re-look at your torent before requesting help. Sometimes your download may be corrupted so always pressure re-check to make sure you are not missing any parts.

I wish to create a YouTube video regarding your site? Can One do that and provide you with credit?

  • A: Yes, you can make videos and tutorials regarding how to get games on this website. It really helps bring more and more people in to the Zello Games community so go ahead and, proceed!

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